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Feed volume of 5500 Litres. Pellet feeder suitable for cattle designed for pellets, wheat, lupins, barley or oats.


Feed volume of 800 litres. Suitable for feeding sheep and cattle. Creep Panels standard. Ad-lib or controlled feeding.


Feed volume of 3800 litres. Tandem axle mobile grain feeder with suspension. Suitable for cattle and sheep.


Feed volume of 500 litres. Pellet feeder suitable for sheep. Heavy creep panels included as standard.


Feed volume of 5500 litres. Tandem axle mobile grain feeder with suspension. Suitable for cattle.


Feed volume of 1800 litres. Grain feeder suitable for cattle or sheep suitable for paddock, feedlot, creep feeding.


Feed volume of 3800 litres. Grain feeder suitable for cattle or sheep designed for wheat, lupins, barley, pellets, oats.


Feed volume of 1800 litres. Single axle mobile grain feeder with suspension. Suitable for feeding cattle and sheep.


Creep feeding gates for calves. Locks into transport and in use positions with a latch system.


Feed volume of 150 litres. Reinforced stainless steel throughout. Suitable for sheep, goats and cattle.

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Are you looking to complementary feed sheep, cattle or goats?

Our grain feeders are engineered significantly different to any other stock feeders on the market. The Advantage Feeders 3-way restriction system is the most precise ration control method commercially available today. The 3-way restriction system uses an Upper Adjuster, Lower Adjuster and Adjuster Guard to control the height, width and depth of where the feed sits. They have been specifically designed to prevent stock manipulation. In a restricted setting, stock requires saliva on their tongue to lick the feed. After a short time, the saliva dries up and the feed can no longer be eaten.

Advantage Feeders grain feeders have multiple adjustment setting options. These include, Ad-lib Feeding, Controlled Feeding and Creep Feeding. Creep Panels and Creep Gates can be added to achieve optimal lamb and calf creep feeding success. The design of the Creep Panel allows both ewes and lambs to use the grain feeder at the same time. Advantage Feeders range of grain feeders are built to last and we offer a 5-year warranty on all products.

Advantage Feeders also offers a range of Hay Feeders suitable for sheep, cattle, goats and horses. The range of bale feeders includes Cradle Hay Feeders, Tray Hay Feeders and a Sliding Gate Hay Feeder.

Why Advantage Feeders?

Advantage Feeders grain feeders are built to last! Our range of grain feeders and hay feeders are the heaviest and strongest in their class. Our cattle and sheep feeders are packed full of features and options all designed to get you the quickest return on your investment and help to make more profit.Advantage Feeders have over 70 distributors around Australia. Flat packed or fully assembled, our grain feeders will not disappoint.   If you are looking to learn more, why not check out our trial results?

Traditional supplement feed methods are expensive. Labour and high amounts of waste make the task frustrating for farmers. Advantage Feeders grain feeders, eliminate excess waste. Depending on the setting, our grain feeders are only required to be filled every 30 days, saving you valuable time! There is no waste, regardless of what you fill your grain feeders with, be it wheat, lupins, barley, pellets or oats. Rest assured, what goes in is going to be consumed by your stock.

Supplements feeding your sheep or cattle using our 3-way restriction system can help you eliminate acidosis, regulate bossy stock and encourage shy cows and ewes to all eat their fair share.

Optimal rumen development and function is a key element in converting feed to energy. When rumen microbes receive supplement frequently and in the correct amount, they are primed to maximise pasture utilisation. This means increased carrying capacity on grass feed and reduced supplement cost on dry feed.

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