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Stronger, Last Longer, More control

  • Stainless Steel parts
  • Precise 3-Way saliva restriction system
  • 2 year warranty*


Dimensions at sheep height:
2200 x 1160 x 760 (LxWxH)
Feed volume:
500 Litres
Feed weight – barley/pellets:
  • All the quality features you’ve come to expect from Advamtage Feeders with the addition of:
    1. Roof provides weather protection
    2. 500 litre volume
    3. Cross straps in the hopper provide rigidity.
    4. Cleaning tool provided in a secure location.
    5. Secure location to store the tube spanner.
    6. Heavy creep panels (50mm flange on the outer edge)
    7. Gas struts
    8. Roof latch
    9. Low 700mm filling height
    10. Locking device on the Creep Panel
    11. Spring locking device to hold the Adjuster Guard in place (on the Adjuster Gauge)
    12. Sight glasses at both ends of the feeder
    13. Secure location to store the Adjuster Guards
    14. Fully enclosed tine guides
    15. Tine guides have a higher opening – easier to pick up with a FEL
    16. Gutter on the side panel to drain moisture outside the feeder